Medicinal Herbs

Like teas, many herbs have medicinal or healing properties. At Boston Harbor, we import and carry in stock exceptional herbs which can be used to improve both physical health and mental well-being. These are available in individual batches, and are frequently added to our herbal blends to enhance both flavor and efficacy.

**Please note that some herbs come in different forms depending on the grower. This means that the product that you are purchasing can look different from the first time you may have ordered. Just know that you are still receiving the same high quality product as you have before.**

In addition, our founder Cathie Boston is available for personal consultations, allowing you to take advantage of her many years of research and experience. Booking a one-hour session will help you better understand your own body’s needs and how to best utilize our products in your quest for better health. To book your session please call (406)248-1075.

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