Tearoom & Patio

tearoomBoston Harbor is located on Broadwater Avenue in Billings, Montana. In creating the shop, Cathie’s goal was to make it a place where everyone felt at home. From the rich plank floors to the reclaimed shelving units, the shop features beautiful gleaming woods balanced with the shine of one-of-a-kind teapots and tea accessories.

Light floods the room, beckoning visitors to sit down at one of the tables and relax over a steaming cup of their favorite blend while browsing a magazine or poring over a book.  Seeing students on laptops is not uncommon in this little out-of-the-way nook, and many friendships have been discovered and built within its comfy walls.

When the last snows of winter melt, guests to Boston Harbor love to congregate on the outdoor patio, with its flowering baskets and tinkling waterfall. Hours-long games of scrabble, parties and concerts are frequently held on this deck, built by Troy Boston from decades old lumber he has salvaged over the years. On a hot Montana day, enjoying an iced tea on the Boston Harbor patio is nothing short of sheer heaven.

To book a bridal shower, birthday part or other event in the shop or on our patio, please contact us.