Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies: fiction or fact?

Herbal remedies do their job because of the properties they contain. They are not magic potions. In the roots, leaves, flowers, berries, bark or seeds, herbs have specific biochemical properties that are healing and restorative for our systems. We’ve come to the point in our high-stress lives where we need all of the healing and restorations we can get.

Being a natural resource, they have no additives, preservatives, or dyes. They aren’t sweetened with sugar or sugar substitutes, and they are not mixed with other ingredients that could compromise the herb’s effect or give you something you don’t want or need.

The water in herbal teas plays a vital role to increase the effectiveness of the remedy. The water diffuses the potency of the herb and delivers its properties in a manner that is harmonious with your natural body processes.

Confused? Where to Start

There are hundreds of herbs with healing properties, and each herb has its own unique qualities. This can be very overwhelming and can become “a garden of confusion”. One of the remarkable qualities about many herbs is the fact that they can do more for your body than merely treat symptoms. In many cases, they can treat the symptoms and the underlying weakness. When you take herbs as teas, you get the benefits of the herbs and some delightful drinks, too.

Start very simply. Seek out one herbal tea that might be useful for your current needs. If you find two herbal teas to help you, that alone would make your discovery of herbs worthwhile. Over time as you learn to trust the gentle relief and healing benefits that herbal teas bring, you’ll find more teas to help you resolve everyday disorders. Then one day you’ll realize that you’ve made a break-through. Plain and simple drinks. Plain and simple healing.

How Much – How Often?

You don’t need to take handfuls of herb capsules, or drink the same tea ten times a day to reap the benefits of an herbal remedy. One great tea, once a day, is a positive step forward. Two great teas a day can be a real health advantage.

If you are just starting to use herbs for their healing properties, I would recommend that you begin with moderate doses, like the dose in one cup of tea in the morning. When you are using teas for healing treatments, a good rule is to take the tea as you need it, once or twice a day, and use it for one week.

* Taken from the book 20,000 Secrets of Tea by Victoria Zak. This book is available at Boston Harbor Tea and has an informative list of herbal teas for various health conditions.