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Welcome to Boston Harbor, your source for flavorful, high-quality teas. Whether you visit our welcoming tea shop in Billings, Montana or order your favorite teas, herbal blends and medical herbs from our online store,  you can rest assured that every bag, every pot and every cup of tea from Boston Harbor will be everything you expected—and a whole lot more.

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Cooking with Tea

Cooking with tea can be an exciting adventure. Just like spices, the tea leaves can add interesting, exotic, and unusual flavors to your favorite dishes. Try adding your brewed tea to broths for soup or sauces. Or add tea leaves to baked goods to make savory breads and cookies. Tea can make an ice cream or yogurt dance with flavor. If you like the tea, then you will like…

Different Kinds of Tea

Your Cup of Tea The different kinds of teas can be confusing, but most often we go by what we like and how it tastes. Tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols that help our bodies protect against inflammation which can lead to many diseases. What are the types of tea? Well, it depends on how the tea is produced during the oxidation process. For instance, white tea is the least oxidized…