Different Kinds of Tea

Your Cup of Tea

The different kinds of teas can be confusing, but most often we go by what we like and how it tastes. Tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols that help our bodies protect against inflammation which can lead to many diseases. What are the types of tea? Well, it depends on how the tea is produced during the oxidation process. For instance, white tea is the least oxidized tea. The process of oxidation allows the leaves to wither and air-dry after being picked. Black tea is the most oxidized tea allowing the leaves to wither then they are rolled or crushed to start rapid oxidation.

Process of Oxidation

White tea is pale with a subtle, sweet taste and, as I said, the least oxidized of the teas, but it has a high amount of antioxidants. Caffeine count per cup is approximately 15-20 mg.

Green tea has a high concentration of polyphenols. It has about 20-30 mg of caffeine per cup.

Oolong is partially oxidized and studies show that it can help stabilize blood sugar levels. The leaves once withered are bruised to stimulate more oxidation and then fired to remove the moisture. It is 30-50 mg of caffeine per cup.

Black tea is the most oxidized tea with 40-60 mg of caffeine per cup.

So no matter what your taste and preference, tea is a healthy way to go if you want to prevent disease and build immunity. The roomier the tea bag, the better flavor due to more circulation of the leaves. Bulk is best and will yield the best tea as the leaves can unfurl and release more flavor.

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Green Tea: Useful Websites

Listed below are some great websites that discuss the health benefits and side effects of green tea. Being a plant-based product, the way green tea is processed is of great consideration.

One of the important points  I got from the posts is the reason green tea is healthier is in the process. The fermentation process is avoided during the green tea production as opposed to the processing of black tea. The flavonoids and catechins are the antioxidants which help reduce the free radicals in your body.

What Else in a Nutshell?

Polyphenols are the elements that give green teas their benefits.

Blood sugar levels can be regulated if you drink green tea after meals.

It has been known to help kill cancer cells.

Green tea helps with metabolism.

These are only a few small examples of what green tea can do to help with your health. I am blown away by the many benefits in these posts and I hope you take time to read through them. Come in to the shop to get some of the best quality teas in town!