Everything Stops for Tea, My Dear

Everything stops for tea, my dear. In England, afternoon tea was introduced by royalty due to the fact that they had to wait until late hours before having dinner so they had tea and a little snack.  It became a favorite social event during the 1800’s and a tradition.

Many phrases have come into our language as a form of expression such as the following:

Not my cup of tea:  does not prefer, enjoy, or like

A tempest in a teacup: anger over a trivial matter

Tea and sympathy: a picture of offering a cup of tea to someone in need or sympathy

Not for the price of tea in China: not for anything: not for any incentive

Tea party: a wild party

Have you heard of these commonly used idioms or phrases? Many of us have used these indicating that tea is an important part of our culture and lifestyle. I don’t think any of us have to worry about proper etiquette serving tea these days, but there is something about sitting down with a cup of tea either alone or with a friend that is soothing and uplifting.

Come in during this Christmas holiday season to enjoy a cup or two with us. Bring a friend!